AUDIO -- Nibbe's Family Shows Support In Court

MANKATO -- For the first time since she was taken into custody for the murder of her husband, Jennifer Nibbe could turn around in court and see some friendly faces.

"We want to be here and support her as much as we can," said Nibbe's uncle, Andy Gilman of Northfield.

Gilman said the family wasn't ready to make a public statement just yet, but expected they would at some point.

Up until now, besides media and court officials, only the family of the victim James Nibbe has been present in court.

Nibbe's attorney Rich Hillesheim said his client's family has "always been supportive" but wasn't aware there would be nearly a dozen in court today.

"They really want everyone to know that she has been a good person, a solid citizen and has done many wonderful things in the community," said Hillesheim. "As I would say, she's presumed innocent of this offense and hasn't been convicted of anything."

"We love her and support her," said Gilman.

Family Of Murder Suspect Jennifer Nibbe Shows Support by threeeaglesradionews

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