Posted: Monday, 18 April 2011 9:14PM

Officer Begged Woman Not To Drive Before Arrest

MANKATO – A Mankato police officer says he begged an intoxicated woman to “not do something stupid” as he watched her trying to get into her car early Friday morning in a parking lot outside University Square bar.
But it wasn’t long before 37-year-old Shawntay Louise Benton of Mankato, a woman whose court file lists 18 aliases, had rammed a squad car and struck a parked SUV before police Tased her and pulled her from behind the wheel.
Officers were called to the parking lot near the Boomtown bar for a fight in progress. Police didn’t find a disturbance, but Officer Bill Reinbold says he witnessed an “extremely intoxicated” woman trying to get into a car.
Reinbold says he eventually was able to take the car keys away from Benton and give them to a woman that was with her.
Reinbold returned to his squad car, noting that Benton’s speech was “extremely slurred”, that she had problems standing up and had to lean against an SUV to keep from falling down while speaking to him.
At that point, Benton’s Lumina started backing out of the parking stall, so Reinbold pulled his squad car in a position to block the vehicle. When Reinbold saw it was Benton behind the wheel, he got out of the squad car and asked her to get out.
Reinbold says Benton said “Okay”, but put the car quickly into reverse and rammed a second approaching squad car.
The car then pulled forward and Reinbold tried to pull Benton from the car. She again ignored orders to stop the car and ran into the SUV in the adjacent parking stall and pushed it sideways three feet.
A sheriff deputy then arrived at the scene and Tased Benton who continued to drive forward while being shocked. While this was taking place, police were able to reach in and put the car into park.
Benton continued to resist arrest, kicking an officer several times while on the parking lot pavement being cuffed.
Back at the Justice Center, Benton refused to walk in so she had to be carried in.
She refused both a urine test and a breath test.
Bail Monday was set at $50,000 for Benton. She faces felony charges of assault on a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to cause fear and bodily harm, two counts of criminal vehicular injury and fleeing police in a motor vehicle.
She also faces lesser charges of 3rd and 4th degree DWI.

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