Posted: Thursday, 14 April 2011 5:21PM

COURT BEAT -- Multiple Taser Shots Needed For Hit-and-Run Arrest

MANKATO -- Mankato police officers needed multiple Taser shots to arrest a man after allegedly fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run accident early Sunday morning.
39-year-old Justin Friend Johns Dickinson was charged Monday with two Felony counts of trying to disarm a police officer when he allegedly tried to wrestle away the Taser from them.
Police say it started just before 2:30 a.m. Sunday when witnesses told them they saw a vehicle hit a parked pickup truck on Rock Street, near the intersection of Broad Street
Once they arrived they found a Chevy truck tire in the middle of the street and gouge mark in the road where the driver apparently fled the scene…minus a wheel.
A short time later police say they found the vehicle parked in the 600 block of 2nd Street. They ran the plate and it came back to Dickinson.
Officers went to Dickinson’s residence at 204 North 4th Street.
When a female answered the door, officers say they could see a man later identified as Dickinson lying on a couch. Police were allowed into the residence and Dickinson became combative when officers tried to wake him up.
Dickinson allegedly refused to be handcuffed and officers drew their Tasers.
In a court complaint against Dickinson, police ordered Dickson to comply and they say the woman was yelling in the background for him to cooperate.
He didn’t and was Tased.
On the ground, police say Dickinson appeared to submit saying “Okay…Okay…I’m Done.”
He wasn’t
Officers say Dickinson fought again. At that point they “disengaged” and the other police officer fired his stun gun striking Dickinson.
Refusing commands, officers gave Dickinson a “drive stun” It took several more stuns and a third officer arriving at the scene to take Dickinson into custody.
Dickinson demanded an attorney and allegedly refused a blood test.
Court minutes from Monday’s hearing indicate Dickinson doesn’t remember the incident.
He is also facing one count of obstruction and two counts of DWI, including gross misdemeanor test refusal.
Dickinson was able to post $2,000 bail

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