Posted: Tuesday, 15 March 2011 1:10PM

AUDIO -- Experts Warn Flooding Could Be Historic

MANKATO -- National Weather Service forecaster Todd Krause couldn't be much clearer.

"As far as the flood outlook...lookout."

Krause was among many speakers Monday at a flood preparation meeting held in Mankato by Governor Mark Dayton.

Dayton told the wide-ranging group of local government officials and some citizens that he wanted them to contact him directly with any issues or concerns about the flood response.

"Our job is to respond immediately," said Dayton. "Everyone knows this could be very serious."

How serious?

"There's no doubt there's going to be flooding," says Krause. "And some of it may windup being record-setting flooding."

Krause says best case we'd see daytime temps around 40 to 42 degrees, overnight lows of 25 and low humidity.

"Unfortunately that's not likely going to happen," says Krause

"What would be bad it temps in the 50s and low temperaturs only get down to 30 or 40, humidity being high, and rain."

Krause says currently forecast models are showing 1 to 2 inches of rain on Sunday into Monday.

And current weather patterns are shifting to one that could be rainy.

"The Jet Stream will be coming from the west or southwest and that's a pattern favorable for more and more rain," according to Krause. "And if we wind up getting into that pattern, we'll wind up with the potential for heavy rain and that will be bad news."

Last September's rain were not just a disaster for last fall's flooding, but this spring with the ground already saturated.

"The snow melt will run off," says Krause.

And Krasue says there no way to avoid the flooding.

"There's going to be flooding, no matter what happens. The question is to what extent."

Todd Krasue -- National Weather Service

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

North Mankato City Administrator Wendell Sande

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