Posted: Wednesday, 02 February 2011 4:58PM

Rachuy Hearing Postponed As Defense Waits For Evidence

MANKATO -- A hearing today for a 20-year-old North Mankato man charged with Criminal Sexual Predatory Conduct was delayed as the defense awaits key evidence from the prosecution.

Cody Arthur Rachuy (RAY-chee) was brought into the Blue Earth County Court room today in leg irons, cuffs and a restraint belt controlling the use of his arms.

He has remained in custody on $100,000 bail since his arrest last December 23rd.

A woman Mankato Police, claiming Rachuy entered her apartment looking for sex and when she refused, he allegedly put a knife to her throat and tried to drag her into a bedroom.
The pair had met earlier in the day through another friend. Learning the woman’s husband was in jail, he later sent her a text message, claiming to be a jailer and that he could get her husband out.
He sent additional texts, eventually convincing the woman to meet the man at her apartment to talk.
She says when she opened the door and recognized Rachuy she let him in.
During today’s hearing, the defense said they were unable to proceed as they were awaiting discovery such as the tape and transcript of Rachuy’s statement to police, along with DNA and fingerprint evidence that is being processed.
Today’s hearing was continued until March 14th.
Assistant County Attorney Steven Kelm is taking over the case from Pat McDermott for reasons that were not disclosed in court today.
Following Rachuy’s December bail hearing, MdDermott said the Criminal Sexual Predatory Conduct charge was filed, claiming Rachuy committed a predatory crim that was motivated by his sexual impulses or was part of a predatory pattern of behavior that had criminal sexual conduct as its goal.

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