Posted: Monday, 10 January 2011 10:51PM

VIDEO -- Walz Talks About Gifford Shooting

MANKATO – They came into Congress together.
Both part of the Class of 2006.
And on Monday, more than 48 hours since the attempted assassination attempt on Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, Representative Tim Walz was still trying to make sense of it.
“The shock is still there and in many ways it gets worse,” said Walz. “It’s hard to fathom.”
Six dead and 14 injured at the hands of a 22-year-old gunman.
Shot while doing what Walz says is “exactly what members of Congress are supposed to do.”
“This is the most basic of duties in this job and the most important,” said Walz. “I mean it’s the air we breathe, being easily accessible to the public with no barriers.”
Walz say he and Gifford talked about the sort of public stops they do on Saturday mornings in a grocery store to listen to the public and hear what they have to say, good or bad.
Walz doesn’t expect to make too many changes to how he meets with the public.
“I think you take due prudence.”
“I refuse to allow this to hamper people’s ability to express,” said Walz. “Our democracy is lost if I’m not speaking for them. Whether we agree or disagree.”


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