Posted: Tuesday, 11 January 2011 2:45PM

*VIDEO* Mankato Police Say Many Mankato Burglaries Could Be Prevented

MANKATO – If your home has been burglarized in the city of Mankato there’s a chance you invited them in.
“I’m seeing easy accessibility for them,” said Commander Craig Frericks of the Mankato Department Safety.
And much like Tuesday’s reported burglary on Joseph Path, many Mankato burglars are not smashing their way into homes but quietly walking their way in and out.
In the latest burglary, the suspect entered the home through an unlocked garage door and house door. Locking both or even one of the doors may have prevented the burglary.
“I think they are walking around and rattling door handles,” said Frericks. “They’ll check doors, make sure if your garage is open.”
While it seems like there have been a large number a burglaries, Mankato crime stats show they are down slightly. There have been 203 burglaries through November 2010, down 5% from 2009.
Still locking doors to homes and cars could prevent most burglaries.
“It’s mostly a crime of convenience,” says Frericks.

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