Posted: Monday, 27 December 2010 10:14PM

North Mankato Man Charged With Predatory Assault Of Woman

MANKATO – A North Mankato man accused of attacking a woman inside her home last Thursday evening is facing several felonies, including a rarely used charge in BlueEarthCounty.
20-year-old Cody Arthur Rachuy was arrested after allegedly holding a woman a knife point inside her own home after at first claiming he could help the woman fix her broken down car and later that he could keep her husband, who was in jail, from being deported.
Conditional bail for Rachuy was set at $100,000 on Monday based on several factors, including the fact he is already on probation for a felony and his extensive history of crimes of violence.
Mankato police received a call at 8:24 pm Thursday from a woman claiming to have been assaulted by a white male who held a knife to her throat and fled the scene.
The victim, identified as “Y” in the criminal complaint, told investigators that she had earlier gone to a gas station with a female neighbor and a person later identified at Rachuy. During the car ride, “Y” talked about her car being broken down. Rachuy asked to see the victim’s phone and eventually returned it to her.
After returning to her apartment complex in the 100 block of Homestead Road, the victim went to her friend’s apartment at the same location.
While in the apartment, “Y” said she received a text message.
“Hey, it’s me. I’m a jailer. Let me use the phone. Don’t have much time. You home alone?”
“Y” sent a text back saying he must have the wrong number, but “Y” tells police that her husband is in the Blue Earth County Jail.
Investigators say “Y” received more text messages, some claiming he could get her husband out of jail, but he needed to speak to her alone at her apartment.
She returned to her apartment and then answered a knock at the door.
It was the same man who rode in the car with “Y” and her friend earlier in the day.
“Y” allowed him into the apartment.
At that point the victim says Rachuy made the claim that he could get her husband out of jail because he has an uncle who works prosecution and he could stop her husband from being deported or spending time in prison.
That’s when the victim claims Rachuy said she would have to do him a favor by having sex with him.
“Y” says she told Rachuy should couldn’t because she was married and was Muslim and would have to find another black female.
Investigators say the victim claims Rachuy then became nervous and started shaking and asked for sex several times and “Y” kept saying no. Rachuy then asked to leave through a window so no one would see him. When “Y” went into her bedroom to show him a window, she says Rachuy then held a knife to her throat.
“Y” told investigators she broke free, but Rachuy blocked her way out of the apartment, eventually trying to drag the woman back into the bedroom. The victim says she was cut during the struggle.
Rachuy then fled from the apartment and “Y” called 9-1-1 and gave police a description of her attacker.
Police looked at “Y’s” cell phone and observed the cell messages from one telephone number. Dispatch ran the number and it was listed to Cody Arthur Rachuy.
One of the text messages on “Y’s” cell phone from Rachuy’s number read “By next Wednesday, hae a black girl that’s good. If you talk to anyone about this it’s off. Sorry about that. I’m really drunk.”
North Mankato police were able to locate Rachuy and described him as “extremely nervous” and was “shaking” and “his voice quivered.”
Rachuy was told he was being detained for questioning about an assault with a knife. The officer says Rachuy stated he had not raped anyone. The officer says he never mentioned anything to Rachuy about a rape.
Rachuy told the North Mankato police officer that he had been at his sister’s wedding the entire evening.
Rachuy has been charged with 2nd Degree Assault, False Imprisonment and Criminal Sexual Predatory Conduct.
AssistantCounty Attorney Pat McDermott says the Criminal sexual Predatory Conduct charge is rarely used. It claims Rachuy committed a “predatory crime that was motivated by his sexual impulses or was part of a predatory pattern of behavior that had criminal sexual conduct as its goal.”

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