Larry Leblanc (Lar-Dawg)


Is it the weather? Is it the lack of sunshine? Not riding my Yamaha R1 motorcycle? Could it be a combination of all of these things have me kind of in the blues? I have been very irritable, quick to snap. I then have to realize that I must stop, slow down, and take deep breaths and THINK before I act or react.
I love winter. I love the cold days, the snow, riding the snow mobile and being able to hide a few extra pounds under layers of clothes. I also love living here in southern Minnesota.
There must be a connection to the shorter days and our attitude. I know its true- that they are connected. So, having doing a little research of the topic, professionals says the best things to do to beat the “gloomies” are
1)   exercise
2)   get sun light- either from the sun or a sun lamp
3)   relax and think before you react
4)   have a good healthy diet
Here is hoping you beat the “blah’s”- got suggestions? Let me know!

01/20/2011 11:59AM
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