"2014 CMA Trip - Real Country Moments"
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Farm Play

Swimming in Corn

Life's a Gravel Road

70 years of good country living

He takes the tractor for one last round.

lovin it

Grandpa and I on his century farm!

I Love Moo

Winter Cowboys


Country Boy

Country Music Hall of Fame <3

Dirt Road Diary

Racing Dirt

Farm Boys

Bellamy Brothers and me

Stackin them bales

Farm Girl

The Posse

Like father, like son


Beautiful field of sweet corn!


Country Livin'

Country Fest with Miranda

State Fair Fun


MY Country Music Moment

WeFest Finals

George Concert = Best Night Ever

Brekke Brothers at Wefest Finals

Wide open spaces

Nashville moment!

County loving with cousin!

Steamin' it up!


September Sunrise

Country Camping

\"I'm going out with my boots on\"

Country living

Teaching them young

Painting Grandpa's farm house and posting a Century Farm Sign for him. 1914-2014

Logging Roads

Real Country

Shoveling horse manure

Could sing to this little gal forever

John Deere Green