Posted: Tuesday, 05 November 2013 7:05AM

Pulling Over for Emergency Vehicles

Question: What is the proper procedure if you are stopped at a red light and an emergency vehicle with its lights and siren activated comes up behind you? Where do you go to get out of the way?

Answer: As frustrating and tempting as it may be to pull into the intersection with a red light — DO NOT. Other people cannot run a red light based on an emergency vehicle’s siren and/or emergency lights, so they have to wait until the light turns green and then go, and then move over to the right if possible.
If for some reason you have enough room while stopped you should pull over to the right shoulder or left shoulder (if on multi-lane road way —which is legal) just as long as it doesn’t require you to enter the intersection.
While responding to emergencies, I have observed drivers trying to squeeze into the intersection in an attempt to create room for the emergency vehicle, but that is not safe or recommended.
We will just have to use some patience along with the legal and safe opportunity when the light turns green again.

Sticha Clips:
Sticha 11-5 : “We do not want you to go into the intersection where it’s unsafe. Under no circumstances do we want you to ever be in jeopardy.”

Sticha 2 11-5 : “This also goes to red lights and sirens coming up behind you on our two-lane roads. We don’t want you to go over so fast and quick that you end up ditch diving or rolling your vehicle.”

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