Posted: Tuesday, 05 November 2013 6:32AM

Predicted Snowfall; MnDOT Gears Up

ST. PAUL (TEC News), November 5 – The Minnesota Department of Transportation offices are gearing up their snowplows and winter equipment as 3 to 5 inches of snow are predicted starting this afternoon. MnDOT is asking motorists to be mindful of road conditions as well as snow removal vehicles. Last year, 21 crashes took place in Minnesota due to inattentive driving.

Safe winter driving means:
-       Checking road conditions at or dialing 5-1-1 before heading out
-       Being patient and remembering that snowplows are present for motorists’ benefit
-       Staying back at least five car lengths behind plows. Plow operators pull over when safe to do so to allow any built-up traffic to pass.
-       Staying alert for snowplows that may turn or exit with little warning. Plows also travel over roadway center lines, or partially in traffic, to further improve road conditions.
-       Slowing down to a safe speed and driving for conditions, allowing for plenty of travel time. Snowplows typically move at slower speeds.
-       Buckling up and ensuring that kids are properly seated and in the right type of car seat
-       Avoiding unnecessary travel if road conditions are poor or hazardous

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