Posted: Friday, 11 October 2013 6:31AM

Cases of Strep Circulating--Not a Major Concern, but Check Up is Advised for Symptoms

MANKATO (TEC News), October 10 – In the last five to six days there have been about 10 confirmed cases of strep throat at Mayo Clinic Health System, Mankato’s East Ridge Clinic. Dr. Scott Helmers indicated that this is a higher number currently, but strep is a common case:
Helmers 1 : “There usually is some strep around, and so we see strep throats virtually all the time, just more right now.” : 08 seconds
Dr. Helmers also expressed that it’s important to have these checked out for it may lead to rheumatic fever-a serious heart injury:
Helmers 2 : “And although that doesn’t happen very often anymore in the developed world, it still could occur if the strep infection is not adequately treated.” : 09 seconds

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