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Posted: Tuesday, 27 August 2013 6:32AM

Local Farmer Talks about Crops and Safety

LAKE CRYSTAL (TEC News), August 27 – Many farmers are gearing up for the harvest season as fall approaches. Lee Williams, local farmer and manager with Farmers’ National Company, says crops are looking pretty decent all around, but may come out late:

Lee 1 : “I look at it, you know, and I think we’re going to have some pretty good corn yields. I feel like we’ve really caught up on some heat units.”  :07

Williams also stresses the importance of safety when out working with the machinery; being aware of yourself, others and even children. He told us about his experience at three and half years old:

Lee 2 : “We hit a bump and actually fell off the tractor into a piece of farm equipment. So I…I almost lost my life. So it... It kind of hits home.”  :11

Farm Equipment Safety Tips from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Pay attention to all safety information. Read operator's manual and warning decals.
  • Inspect the equipment and correct any hazards before operating.
  • Identify hazardous areas on equipment and make sure you stay away from moving parts. Beware of pinch points, shear points, wrap points, pull-in areas, thrown objects, crush points, stored energy hazards and freewheeling parts.
  • Shut down equipment, turn off the engine, remove key and wait for moving parts to stop before dismounting equipment.
  • Keep bystanders and others away from equipment operation area.

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