Photo Credit: MnDOT
Posted: Wednesday, 10 July 2013 6:58AM

Highway 169 Project

HIGHWAY 169 (TEC News) - Highway 169 from LeSueur to Mankato will have a face lift soon. A plan to raise the road for a flood abatement project is in the process. An EDA grant recently provided will cover the costs. MnDOT broke it down for us and provided steps by year.

(2014) Hwy. 169 St. Peter to LeSueur
**Raise grade and reconstructing for two miles
**9 miles of preservation/resurfacing
**Access revisions in St. Peter
(2015) Hwy. 22 South of St. Peter
**Raise grade and reconstructing from Hwy. 169 to the existing Minn. River Bridge
**100 ft. span bridge to handle additional water flow during high water levels
(2016) Hwy. 169 Minn. River Bridge in Mankato to St. Peter
**Raise grade and reconstruction in 4 areas-- total of 3 miles
**6 miles of preservation/resurfacing
** Median barrier for 9 miles