SCC and Mayo Health Systems Partnering for Mobile Medical Assets

MANKATO (TEC News) -- North Mankato's South Central College will host an open house sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Health System, South Central Healthcare Coalition and Minnesota Department of Health showcasing state, regional, and local medical resources.
The resources, or Mobile Medical Assets, have been developed to provide assistance to cities in and outside of Minnesota in case of natural or human-caused disasters.
Available for showcasing will be a 53 foot semi-trailer known as the "Mobile Medical Unit," which is equipped with 12 beds to provide urgent medical care, area emergency medical services' "Base of Operations" (BOO), which is used as a triage site or first-aid station, and a multi-causality incident-transport bus that can transport 12-18 patients at once.
Each of the mobile assets present at the open house will be used for more than just showcasing, said Eric Weller, EMS program manager for SCC: Weller 2 "from hospitals" :11
Even though each mobile asset has been designed to stand alone, they can all work together and even compliment one another during a disaster situation. When needed, they become the "first line of defense" for a community in need of healthcare, said Weller.
The assets are managed by full-time employees either with hospitals or the state health department; however, they are generally staffed by volunteers who work for hospitals. Those volunteers form groups known as "mobile medical field teams."
The invite-only open house will run from 3 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8. For more information, call 385-2938