Fifth Annual Big Buck Contest
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We called him Blockhead
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Shot this 11pt buck with my muzzle loader in a swamp. He came in at 79yds and i had 2 misfires with my primers. He walked back into the thick brush and couldn't get a shot at him until he was 150yds away. I shot and missed him but he didn't spook, just slowly walked in the cattails. So i reloaded my muzzle loader and started to grunt and doe bleat. While i was doing that an 8 pt came in and went out in front of me with a smaller buck and a doe in heat. I continued to grunt and bleat when the big boy stepped out at 250yds away and started making his way closer. I picked up my rangefinder and he was 214yds away. He took about 6 or 7 steps closer and i pulled the trigger. He did the donkey kick and ran 100yds towards me and fell over! I was out of primers so went back to my vehicle reloaded with supplies and called for back up. My buddies showed up and we went and found him! Double lunged him!

Stephanie's 1st Buck

Jason Fenger

Mike's 10 Point Buck

Big Ruttin' 11 pointer


10 point buck

Bruce, Buck n Boys

Brutis \" monster 10 pointer\"


10 point buck

Corey's 10 point

First Archery Buck

My Monster!!!!

Buck feaver

Velvet Buck

Girls can shoot big bucks, too!

Pauls 10 pt

31 pointer

2012 buck

Long Time Coming

halloween buck

Legends Of The Fall


21 point buck

We called him Blockhead

Greens perfect 10

Dans Buck

Hunter's First Buck

Milford Monster

Trav's Trpphy

10 pointer

Kailey's Buck

Heavy set 11 point

13 point

Paul's Buck

First Big Buck

Craig's Buck

Deer Hunting 2012

Matthew Tibesar Buck

Cody Hoeft BIG BUCK

Passing Pays Off

Brent and Karter Haala- Chacolate Buck

2012 Jeff 10 point Buck

First \"Big Buck\"


A Big Buck Sent From Dad

Swamp Donkey!

Buck 2012

14 point buck

Brad 2012 Deer

Larrys 10 point 180 lb buck

Mike Lee's Buck

Monster 8 pointer

deer 2012

Granny of 8 can still shoot straight!!

Tys 11 pt buck

10 pointer

Got Whitey

Tall 8 point

Perfect 10

Bow Buck

Tall 10 Pointer