Posted: Monday, 13 February 2012 2:05PM

Man Accused Of Selling Trailer House...Three Times.

MANKATO (TEC News) --A former resident of the Lime Valley Mobile Home Park in Mankato had no problem selling his mobile home last year.

In fact, Mankato police claim Douglas James Holmgren, 43, sold the same trailer to three different people.

At the same time.

The owner of the mobile home park contacted Mankato police last July 12 to say she has discovered the trailer that used to be parked at 172 Lime Valley Drive had been sold several times to several people.

Marjorie Johnson told police Kenneth Carson had spoken with her on July 5th, about moving the trailer after purchasing it from Holmgren.

However on the same day, she discovered the same trailer had also been sold to a man by the name of Wayne Chew for $5,000.

Chew discovered the trailer he purchased from Holmgren was no longer at the trailer park and had already been move to a property in Winnebago owned by Carson.

Carson told police he bought the trailer from Holmgren for $5,500 off a Craiglist ad back on May 3, 2011.

At the same time, police would discover Holmgren also sold the trailer to Gary Woratschk on May 2, 2011 for a total price of $6,400.

Holmgren's mother told police she, as the owner, signed of the title of the trailer over to her son to sell in April 2011. She added that her son came back to her several weeks later saying he lost the title and needed a new one.

During an August 20, 2011 interview with Mankato police, Holmgren allegedly admitted to selling the trailer house three times.

According to court records, it appears the odd men out on the deal will be Worctschka and Chew.

When asked by investigators what he did with the money, Holmgren said simply "spent it."

He has been charged with two felony counts of Theft-by Swindle and is due in court for his first appearance on March 1.

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