Posted: Thursday, 02 February 2012 1:46PM

No Gun, But Mankato East Student Had Ammo At School Tuesday

MANKATO (TEC News) -- A student at Mankato East is under investigation after he allegedly brought bullets to school this week.
Police were at first told that students had reported on Wednesday that one of their classmates had both a gun and ammo in school on Tuesday.
Investigators talked to students, and according to Commander Amy Vokal, learned he had showed the bullets to other students and had bragged about "stealing" a gun.
Through their investigation, the claims of having stolen a gun have not check out.
Vokal says police have spoken to the individual the student had claimed to have stolen a gun from and that person was not missing any weapons.
But authorities have said they "confirmed" the 13-year-old boys did have the bullets in school.
Vokal wouldn't say what caliber the ammo was.
According the Vokal, the incident remains under investigation.
Vokal today lamented about the fact students did not report the incident to school officials until the next day.
Police would encourage students to report anything out of the ordinary to school officials immediately.

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