Posted: Tuesday, 31 January 2012 6:01PM

Victim's Brother To Murderer "You Didn't Have To Do This"

MANKATO (TEC News) -- The most powerful words this afternoon in a courtroom in Mankato were written by the now eight-year-old brother of murder victim Josselyn Bishop.

LEFT: A sign with Bishop's picture and domestic violence slogan was brought to today's hearing at the Blue Earth County Courthouse in Mankato

In a victim impact statement read to the court by victim advocate Colleen Baker, Gage Bishop addressed Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman, man accused of murdering his sister.

"Chris," Baker read. "You didn't have to do this." "You could have walked away," wrote Gage Bishop.
His powerful words were just a part of the emotion Victim Impact letters from Bishop's mother Cara, father Matt and six-year-old sister Gracie.
In her letter to the court, Cara Bishop noted that her youngest, two-year-old Rhyan "will never remember her sister."
Cara Bishop wrote that "Chris Tillman ripped happiness out from us." She also expressed the guilt she feels as a mother for not "being there in her final moments."
Williams-Tillman today admitted to stabbing his ex-girlfriend "no less than 35 times" according to Cara Bishop's statement in court. The two had an apparent rocky relationship, with at least two documented cases of domestic abuse on the victim by Williams-Tillman.
Cara Bishop's letter talked about her last contact with her daughter, a lunch date at Buffalo Wild Wings.
"I cry everyday for her," wrote Cara Bishop.
She described for the court the pain of learning her daughter had been murdered from law enforcement and later seeing her daughter and realizing what "true pain and suffering" she went through.
Cara Bishop also talked about the family Christmas photo this year. Three kids instead of four and how her husband Matt held a photograph of Josselyn in the photo.
She said her son Gabe is "crushed" by his sister's death, and daughter Gracie can barely leave her side.
Cara Bishop wrote the on the first day of school this year, Gracie drew a picture of her sister being stabbed by Chris Tillman with arrows coming from her pointing to the sky.
"A piece of my heart went to heaven with Josselyn," wrote Cara Bishop.
Gracie Bishop poured out her heart to Williams-Tillman, known to the family and friends only as Chris Tillman.
"I though you were nice," Gracie Bishop wrote.  "Just because Josselyn didn't like you doesn't mean you had to stab her." "You are so mean."
Gage Bishop added a note to his sister in his written statement.
"I will never forget her."
He wrote about how he misses Josselyn taking him to the pool and watching him play baseball.
"You are a great sister," wrote Gage Bishop.
Bishop's father Matt's impact statement was read to the court by Detective Commander Matt DuRose of the Mankato Department of Public Safety.
Matt Bishop wrote to the court that "a selfish person ruined a beautiful life."
He said there was no chance for goodbye and her life was way too short.
"You can't sleep," said Matt Bishop. "You can't even close your eyes."
"I miss everything about her."
He wrote that he was a single parent with Josselyn for the first seven years of her life.
He talked about "our things."
He said his daughter would call him "Fabio".
And the pair had a "30 second handshake" that they only knew and grew longer all the time.
And he said when saying good-bye she would give him the peace sign and he'd give it back.
Matt Bishop says she once appeared in a dream, "smiling that smile…giving him the peace sign."
Bishop says he took that as her way of saying good bye and that she'd be ok.

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