Posted: Thursday, 22 December 2011 2:10PM

KEYC News Anchor Arrested For DWI

ST. PETER (TEC News) -- KEYC Television newsanchor and reporter Annie Stensrud has been arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

Stensrud garnered national attention after she appeard on the air during a Sunday night newscast slurring and stumbling her way through the opening segement. A viewer-posted video of the incident led to YouTube speculation that Stensrud was intoxicated.

Nicollet County authorities say they received a tip of an intoxicated person driving away from a North Mankato residence.

A sheriff deputy stopped a vehicle on HIghway 14 and placed Stensrud under arrest and took her to the Nicollet County jail.

As of this afternoon, formal charges have not been filed.

In the days that followed, the Stensrud video went viral, even inspiring a David Letterman's Top Ten List where they played part of the newscast leading into the evening's topic "Top Ten Signs Your News Team Is Drunk."

KEYC Television has since had the video removed from You Tube under a copyright claim. There had been over 800,000 views in the first week.

KEYC managment was initially tight lipped on what actually happened during that newscast, until KEYC General Manager Dennis Wahlstrom went on The John Williams Show on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis where he told the talk show host "she's been sick" and denied her performance on-air was alcohol related.

"And that's what we found. She had a reaction to a medication. She's also missed work and had not been feeling well for the past week," said Wahlstrom.

Stensrud had not been on the air since the incident.

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