Posted: Wednesday, 14 December 2011 1:14PM

BREAKING NEWS -- Charges Will Be Dropped Against Giefer

MANKATO (TEC News) -- More than a year after charges were filed, all 23 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct and one count of incest will be dropped this afternoon against a Vernon Center man.
37-year-old Jeremy Giefer was been charged in November 2010 after the alleged victim, who is now 18, told a mandated reporter about abuse at the hands of Giefer.
The girls told Blue Earth County Sheriff investigators about seven-years of abuse. Authorities had maintained the contact had allegedly happened over 250 times.
However, during a December 5, 2011 hearing, Giefer's attorney Mark Kelly informed the court that they had obtained a statement from the girl were she recanted her claims of abuse.
Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Mike Hanson, who recently took over the case from Christopher Rovney, said the "evidence no longer supports prosecution."
Hanson said he learned the alleged victim changed her story in an e-mail from Kelly the morning of the December 5, 2011 hearing.
The defense had obtained the new statement from the girl on Saturday, December 3, 2011. That statement has never been made public.
Hanson says he interviewed the girl last week to discuss her statement to the defense.
"Based upon what we learned we don't have the evidence to move forward," said Hanson.
When the girl first talked to investigators she claimed the abuse started when she was nine and continued for seven years until she spoke of them to the mandated reported.
"Now she's denying it ever happened," Hanson added.
Hanson says the girl told him the reason she made it (the story) up.
"I'm not going to elaborate," said Hanson.
When asked if the girl would face charges for filing a false report Hanson said "no".
"She's been through a terrible ordeal," said Hanson.
During Giefer's bail hearing in November 2010, prosecutor Chris Rovney expressed concern about his release, saying the girl would be under "incredible pressure to recant."
When Giefer was interviewed by investigators, he denied the girl's allegations.
Without the statement, the physical evidence likely would not have help up in court.
DNA from semen found in a bedroom was a mixture. It matched Giefer but the other sample was not from the victim. Investigators have never been able to identify the mystery DNA.
With charges to soon be dismissed officially, Hanson says double-jeopardy doesn't go away in this case for Giefer.
However, Hanson says he doesn't envision a scenario where that would happen.

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