Posted: Tuesday, 06 December 2011 11:57AM

Kohl's Shoplifter Says "I Was Stupid"

MANKATO (TEC News) -- Theft charges have been filed against a Mankato woman who was caught stealing while shopping at Kohl's with her preteen daughter at her side.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Blue Earth County District Court, a Kohl's loss prevention employee was watching 48-year-old Janine McMurlyn on closed circuit TV as she moved about the Mankato store on November 19th.

The employee recorded the incidents.

McMurlyn was first observed in the Fashion/Jewelry Department when they watched her take two boxes from a main isle table containing sterling silver rings.

They followed McMurlyn on camera to the girls department when they watched her allegedly take the security tags off the ring boxes.

While in the girls department they saw her select a purple dress, remove its price tag and replace it with a price tag $49.40 lower.

McMurlyn was then seen moving to the shoe department where a citizen's arrest complaint says loss prevention watched her remove the ring cards from the boxes and then stash the boxes in some shoes.

Loss prevention claim McMurlyn proceeded to check out and pay for the dress with the swapped price tags, but did not pay for the rings.

Before leaving the store, McMurlyn was observed returning to the jewerly department where she put one of the ring cards back, but slipped one of the rings on her finger.

She left the store where she was stopped by store security and placed under citizen's arrest.

Mankato police gave her a citation for theft and released her.

The employee's loss prevention form says when asked for a reason why she took the items, McMurlyn replied "I was stupid."

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