Posted: Thursday, 27 October 2011 8:09AM

Victim Takes The Stand During Day One Of Former Gibbon Minister's Trial

GAYLORD (TEC News) – The sexual misconduct trial of former rural Gibbon minister David Radtke started yesterday with the prosecution telling the jury “trust was violated” and he “abused his power.

Radtke is charged with sexually touching the 16-year-old exchange student from Spain last May during a leg massage.
The defense asked the jury to look at the context of 10 seconds of touching to the rest of David Radtke’s 52 years of life. The attorney admitted the touching was a “boundary violation” but asked if it was a crime.
The prosecution played a video of a David Radtke’s in custody jail house interview. During the interview Radtke told the detective “I was intentionally rubbing under her shorts.” After admitting to inappropriate touching, Radtke said “Bottom line is I did it.”
During her videotaped interview with a child protection worker, the 16-year-old alleged victim struggled to explain the feeling she had the led to her waking up when she “felt something” during a massage from her host father. But when she took the stand yesterday said she wasn’t dreaming when she felt “a weird sensation.”

She faces cross examination from the defense this morning.

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