Former Gibbon Minister and Wife Give Unusual Demonstration During Trial

GAYLORD (TEC News) – Closing arguments are this morning in the trial of a former rural Gibbon minister.

52-year-old David Radtke is accused of allegedly touching the 16-year-old foreign exchange student that lived with them after they both fell asleep together on a couch last May.
The final witness of the day was Radtke’s wife Diane and it include a demonstration that had the courtroom buzzing.

David Radtke was sitting on the couch in their home and the student was lying on her stomach with her legs on his lap.

So Attorney Paul Engh gave jurors a courtroom demonstration.

He had the defendant sit on the front pew of the courtroom, while his wife stretched out on the bench with her legs on top of her husband. Radtke then showed on his wife how his hand ran between the young girls thighs and rear end.
Earlier in the trial, the prosecution played a video of David Radtke’s in custody interview in Wisconsin where he admitted to intentionally touching the students.

He took the stand in his own defense Thursday saying his confession was the result of his pastoral mode of communicating called “active listening” where you agree and repeat back what others are saying to you.

Radtke also quoted a passage in Romans where you are told to “obey authority” and says that’s why he answered the detectives questions the way he did.

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