Posted: Tuesday, 25 October 2011 7:10PM

Jury Selected In Former Minister's Trial

GAYLORD (TEC News) – Opening arguments are this morning in Gaylord for the trial of a former Gibbon minister accused of sexually touching a 16-year-old foreign exchange student.

A jury of 10 women and four men were selected Tuesday for the trial of 52-year-old David Radtke.
The victim told investigators Radtke was giving her a back rub when she fell asleep. Dreaming she woke up and claims Radtke was touching her.

Tuesday, the defense was questioning prospective jurors about their own dreams, if their own children smoked and what they did when they found out. They were asked if they go to church and if they believed in confessing their sins.
Jury selection came to a halt when the bailiff informed the judge he witnessed one of the prospective jurors give the alleged victim a hug during lunch break.

The jury pool was asked if they saw the hug. One potential juror said she witnessed the hug and thought it was strange. It was determined the jury pool was not tainted and selection continued. Ultimately the woman who witnessed the hug was not selected to serve on the jury.

The woman who gave the hug was admonished by the judge and was dismissed before the jury pool was returned to the courtroom after lunch break.

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