Posted: Wednesday, 19 October 2011 6:55AM

Fairmont Man Punches Off-Duty North Mankato Cop

MANKATO (TEC News) – A Fairmont man is facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting an off-duty North Mankato police officer just after midnight Saturday.

A Mankato police officer was on patrol around 12:04 a.m. when he noticed a group of individuals standing in the alley between US Bank and the civic center.

Turning into the parking lot, the officer saw a man, later identified at 30-year-old Weston Jensen, throw a punch at Jeremy Swenson. The officer watched another off-duty police officer, Matt Huettl, take Jensen taken to the ground.

Swenson told officers Jensen was urinating in a bush when they walked by. Jensen allegedly approached Swenson from the front and a friend of Jensen came up from behind.

Swenson held up his badge, identified himself as an officer and told Jensen to walk away.

But Jensen allegedly told Swenson he didn't care who he was and punched the officer in the neck.

While in the back of a squad car, Jensen started kicking the rear window and was placed in restraints. ON the way to jail, Jensen bit his lip and tried to spit his blood at the officer who was driving. That officer says Jensen threatened to kill his family.

Jensen faces felony charges of terroristic threats and assaulting a peace officer with bodily fluids.

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