Posted: Friday, 16 September 2011 5:39AM

Joel Munt Murder Trial -- Day One Summary

Prosecution Says Munt Intended To Kill Ex-Wife
MANKATO (TEC News) – During opening arguments, the prosecution in the Joel Munt murder trial set the stage. Prosecutors say Munt knew his wife would be at Rasmussen Woods with the children prior to his scheduled supervised visitation at CADA House and brought a gun from his Burnsville home to kill her.
Munt's Attorney -- "Something Snapped"
MANKATO (TEC News) – Joel Munt’s attorney says the shooting was a “rash act”, claiming Munt carried the gun with him trying to work up the nerve to commit suicide. They say the case is about Munt’s hopelessness. “Something snapped” said defense attorney Robert Dockerty.
First Witness To Encounter Munt Was "Extremely Terrified"
MANKATO (TEC News) – Seven witnesses took the stand on Thursday. Prosecutors played the 9-1-1 call from Todd Block who later took the stand saying he was walking his dog when he heard the crash and later gunshots. Joel Munt crashed his car into Svetlana Munt’s car before shooting her. Thinking it was just a car crash, Block says he went to help, only to have Munt point a gun at him and tell him to “get the (expletive) out of here.”
Candy Deichman -- "This man is going to kill me"
MANKATO (TEC News) – Candy Deichman both testified she thought Joel Munt was going to shoot her when she also tried to help. Deichman was trying to get two of Munt’s children to safety when Munt appeared with a gun and threatened to kill her saying “leave my kids alone” She said “I just kept thinking ‘I’m dead, this man is going to kill me.”
"I was going to die...close in my 42 years" says Mark Deichman
MANKATO (TEC News) – Mark Deichman thought they were going to help at a very bad accident when he watched Joel Munt point a gun at his wife. At that point he testified that he put all the pieces together. “We are going to die,” said Mark Deichman. Munt told the couple to get their children from their car as he was going to take it. “I listened to him justify his actions,” said Deichman.
Fearing For Their Lives, Mother Told Children To Run And Don't Look Back
MANKATO (TEC News) – Candy Deichman said as she got her two oldest boys out of their vehicle she told them to “run into the woods and don’t look back.” She says as her husband got their youngest out of the car, she helped Munt get his three children into their SUV. “I told those kids ‘God be with you,” testified Candy Deichman. Deichman told jurors as she and her husband walked away from the scene with their back to Munt she was expecting to be shot in the back. When she heard the vehicle drive away she said the first thing she did was vomit.
First Officer At Murder Scene Says It Was "Chaotic"
MANKATO (TEC News) – Five law enforcement officers testified on day one of the Munt murder trial. North Mankato police officer Dan Forster was first on the scene. Witnesses told him as he arrived that someone was dead. Mankato police officer Dale Stoltman said Munt’s SUV was in drive and the throttle was stuck wide open with a back tire spinning and smoking as tore up pavement. According to him the scene was “extremely loud…chaotic.”
Jury Watches Munt's Arrest From Dash Cam Video
MANKATO (TEC News) – The prosecution showed the video from Blue Earth County Sheriff Deputy Tom Cusey’s squad car. He located Joel Munt fleeing in the vehicle he stole from the Deichman family at the murder scene. The video showed Munt stopping the vehicle, exiting with his hands up and lying on the ground. Cusey said Munt’s three children were “very scared” and “hysterical.”
Munt Makes Statement To Officer At Arrest Scene
MANKATO (TEC News) – Blue Earth County Sheriff Lt. Tim Mohr was in his office when he started hearing the reports from Rasmussen Woods. He ended up being the second on the scene of Munt’s arrest. He testified the Munt told him “If you people would have done your job protecting my daughter she wouldn’t have to go through this.” Mohr also said Munt was heard telling the children “Everything is fine now. You’ll be safe.”

Child Tells Deputy "Daddy Killed Her"
MANKATO (TEC News) – Third on the scene of the arrest was Deputy Josh Steinbach. Steinbach took custody first of Munt’s youngest child who was bloody, the boy’s face embedded with glass and bloody. Steinbach eventually took the oldest boy and girl back to his squad car. The prosecution played the audio from his dash cam. Joan Munt can be heard saying “Daddy killed her” and “Daddy had a gun.”
Crime Scene Photos Shown To Jury
MANKATO (TEC News) – Also presented into evidence on Thursday were photos of the crime scene, including two of the victim where three gunshot wounds on her back were visible. Photos of Munt's three children were also shown to the jury, showing the bloody face Matthew Munt and an abrasion on the temple area of Joan Munt.

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