Posted: Monday, 20 June 2011 9:47PM

UPDATED -- Gibbon Minister Accused Of Accessing Victim's Emails

GAYLORD – New charges have been filed against a former Gibbon minister accused of sexually touching a 16-year-old foreign exchange student living with them.
David Radtke has been charged with accessing the girl’s email account and forwarding messages to his own accounts.
The girl and her father from Madrid, Spain met with Sibley County sheriff investigators last Thursday on an invasion of privacy complaint.
When Radtke was arrested on May 23 the girl was removed from their home by the EF Foundation and was living with Steven and Jill Bruns, the local EF coordinators.
The girl told investigators that on May 25 Steven Bruns she needed to give him her cell phone so it could be turned over to the sheriff’s department. Jill Bruns then allegedly asked the girl for the password, saying police needed it.
The criminal complaint says the cell was never given to authorities, but instead was turned over to Radtke.
The girls told investigators that on June 15 she was going through her emails and noticed 22 emails had been forwarded to a pair of email accounts belonging to David and Diane Radtke.
The girl says the email was accessed through her old cell phone.
When she was removed from the Radtke home on May 23, a no contact order was placed by the court.
Investigators say the emails were accessed from May 31 through June 4. The criminal complaint says the emails were forwarded within hours of being received by the girl. Law enforcement claims the Radtkes were monitoring emails.
Last Friday, investigators say they spoke with Diane Radtke at their home. She told law enforcement the cell phone was in the possession of an investigator working with their attorney.
When asked why they were searching the girl’s email, Diane Radtke told the investigator the phone “is ours, we pay the bill.” She also said they have a signed agreement with the exchange program granting them authorization to monitor her internet and cell phone activity.
She then admitted she had received the pin number for the girl’s account through Steven Bruns.
However David Radtke’s son spoke to investigator that same day, saying his father had accessed the girl’s email through the cell phone and forwarded the email to himself.
Aaron Radtke also told investigators he observed the emails belonging to the girl in the presence of his father in his office.
Aaron Radtke said the reason for recovering the emails was based on the girls’ lies while living at the Radtke residence.
Charges include Interception of Electronic Communications and Harassment/Stalking. Both are felonies.
Bail for David Radtke was set at $10,000 cash or a $100,000 bond. The bail is in addition to previous bail posted in the case. A Rule 8 hearing is set for Tuesday morning in Sibley County District Court.
The original complaint accused the former pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, north of Gibbon, of rubbing the girl’s legs and when she woke up he was allegedly touching her under her underwear.
At the time of his arrest, Radtke told investigators the touching was a “lack of judgment.”
Because the girl is due to return to Spain, the prosecution has asked for a speedy trial.
It has been set for August 30, 2011.


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