Posted: Tuesday, 14 June 2011 12:48PM

Teen St. Peter Stabbing Suspect Has Violent Past

ST. PETER – Bail was set at $75,000 for the St. Peter man charged with stabbing another man early Sunday morning.
18-year-old Zakaria Abdi Hurshe appeared in Nicollet County District Court this morning on two counts of 2nd Degree Assault and one count of 3rd Degree Assault.
St. Peter Police were called to the emergency room at River’s Edge hospital around 3 a.m. were doctors were treating a stabbing victim.
19-year-old Todd William Mettler of Kasota suffered a single stab wound.
Twenty minutes later, Hurshe was arrested at the scene of the stabbing, 407 W. Nassau Street.
Police say Hurshe and Mettler knew each other and had been arguing.
In arguing for conditional bail of $100,000, prosecutor James Dunn told Judge Allison Krehbiel that his office is still waiting to gain access to Mettler’s medical records. Depending upon the severity of the injury, Dunn says they could amend the charges to 1st Degree Assault.
“Serious bail is necessary,” according to Dunn.
Dunn told the judge he had “significant concerns” about releasing Hurshe based on his juvenile record, including 1st Degree Aggravated Robbery charges in May 2009 in Hennepin County when he was 16.
While the weapon used in the Twin Cities case wasn’t disclosed in court today, Dunn did say that Hurshe used a knife to assault someone in 2005 in Nicollet County.
He would have been around 12 years old at the time.
Prior to having bail set, Hurshe spoke softly, telling the judge he promised to return to court if released.

“I promise I won’t violate it or anything.”
Among the conditions of release is not to have any contact with the victim, by any means.
“Third party, Facebook, Twitter,” Judge Krehibel explained to Hurshe. “He doesn’t exist to you.”
He will also be required to pay for and be on GPS monitoring if he can post bail.
The more serious assault charges carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence of one year and one day.