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Thumbs Up -- Judge Norbert Smith

MANKATO -- Every once in a while something happens in court that makes me smile.

Take last Thursday.

I'm in court waiting for a defendant to appear before Judge Norbert Smith in Blue Earth County District Court.

There's a slew of people rolling through the legal process when an young, attractive co-ed steps up with her public defender before Judge Smith.

The attorney informs the judge that a plea has been reached where the female will plead guility to a charge of violating Mankato's Social Host ordiance. We come to learn that a party with underage drinkers was held at her residence. The plea would reduce the charge from a misdeamnor to petty misdemeanor.

While Judge Smith is reviewing the plea and her record, he discovers the young lady herself has six prior citations for underage consumption.

Smith tells the woman that he won't accept the arranged plea because of her past conduct.

So Smith sent the woman and her attorney packing, telling them they'd have to get the deal approved by the orginal judge who heard the case.

Too many times I've seen young people with multiple underage consumption violations simply go before a judge, get a fine and listen to a judge tell them 'not to do it again.'

In this case Smith held the woman accountable for her past.

We're not sure what happened when they made the case in front of the other judge. It's likely that judge accepted the deal and the woman skated.

But for a brief moment that woman had to accept that maybe her past was catching up with her.

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04/27/2011 2:11PM
Thumbs Up -- Judge Norbert Smith
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