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There is an "ap" for everything!

At some point- you will not have to leave your house for a single thing as long as you have a smart cell phone.
Just think of all that you can do from your phone- you can order a pizza or food, start your car, turn off and on your lights in your house and NOW if you are a Catholic, there is the confessional app for your phone. I am not making this up but it has been approved by the Vatican and if you want more information, Google- “confessional app.”!

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02/08/2011 11:53AM
There is an "ap" for everything!
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02/08/2011 2:11PM
You still have to leave your house!
Sorry but you will still have to leave the house for confession. The app is just a guide. Not a substitute for a priest. The app does not grant absolution!
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