The Cruise Package
Show us a photo of your favorite wheels to CRUISE Southern Minnesota.  Win 'The Cruise Package' which includes a pair of tickets to Florida Georgia Line, tickets to Cantebury Park, Fairmont Raceway, and the Kato Cycle Club.

How do you 'CRUISE'?
Lucy my red ATV
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One night a week 3-5 ladies take off on our 4 wheelers and ride 3-4 hours


Riding the kitty.

Our princesses!

Demolition Derby

04 Duramax, diesel

2012 Chevy


Cat wheels!

Dumpster cruiser

Water cruiser

2012 chevy

Grandpa's truck

JD 60

Honda Sabre

Cruisin' All Summer Long

Cruisin' in my grandpa's old school golf cart

mud boggin

Good Ol' Boys

Lucy my red ATV

We cruise with Edge

Jeep cruisin'

83 Blazer

1976 Jeep


98 Chevy Silverado

Trenten's Wheels


Daddy cruisin

rust truck

Horse Power

Cruisin in a kayak down the crick

Cruisin on my tube

Cruisin in these fancy rides


2006 Harley Davidson Night Train

1928 Ford Model A Sedan

Riding high!

my baby!

Wedding Mustang

Camaro ZL1

Granddaddy's truck

Cruzin on my new 2013 Victory High Ball

\"Crusin' on my ride\"

Cattle Hauler

1955 Ford F100 ''Gracie''

Scarecrow after cruzing all night

Daddy's Vette

Cruisin' in Honky Tonk Attitude

1971 IH Binder

Green Giant Cruisin'

2003 freightliner/ 2003 Chevy 2500

A gals best friend

2009 Audi S5

\"The moon comes up and the sun goes down, we find a little spot on the edge of t

Big brother love

Work truck

my weekly driven LOCOMOTIVE!

Go Fast!

on and offroad

1979 Chevy Camaro

1974 Ford Range F250

Dodge Challenger

New truk




Brand new chevy with a life kit

Rolling Coal

Jack em up

Crusin in the Acura

Pontoon ice cream

Chicos & Son Trucking



My Car

my first brand new ride...about 16 years ago

Fire It Up Let's Go Get This Thing Stuck


Classy Cruise!

Brand new Chevy!

1978 Revcon

Monster Truck and Power Boat

Bud is the King of Beers

classic cruising

This is how we do it!'

This is how we cruise

Fire It Up Let's Go Get This Thing Stuck

The way we cruise

Cole with 1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

8 Months Old

1964 Ford F-250, hauling a 66' Honda Super 90 and a 61' Mobile Scout

Rupp Go-Joe

Small Town Boys

\"White Lightning\"

Hillbilly hot rods!!!

Which one today

My Ride For The Summer!!

My main man

My baby

4 wheeler


Orange Ride

Ridin dirty


Hillbilly hot rods!!!


Repozest flyin low

Our Kustom Motorcyle & Trailer:0


Pontoon and Rafts!

Roll The Windows Down & Cruise!

El Camino

This is how we Cruise!!!


Marsh Monkey

Beers and wheels....



1999 mustang with butterfly doors

Lambo doors

Cure for the summertime blues

Ridin' Partner

66 Ford

Mud Digger

Coolin off on a hot day!

horse cruisin!

Tractor Pull

And this brand new ford with a lift kit!

You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

Cruise in style

1998 Honda ACE Tourer


1971 International Scout II

my bike

Our Ride

Wheel on 7 wheeler

Sunset Cruise

1975 Chevy k20


Me and My Daddy \"Cruisin\"

Razor \"no sass\"

Crusin' on the bike in Florida!!!

My Ride

Puppy Cruisin'

Dannie's Ride

My favorite ride

Three wheelin

My 94 Camaro


This is how I CRUISE

John Deere Green

Christine and I

our favorite cruise