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Summer Camp for Grown Ups?

Summer camp used to be a place where parents sent kids for a week or two in the summer so they could learn basica survival skills, have some fun, get poison ivy then come home and be exhausted for another week.  Well, now there are summer camps for grown ups.  That's right, adults with extra cash can spend time at adult 'Fantasy Camps' check these out:

  • Special Ops Camp -- If you've ever dreamed of running secret missions, negotiating hostage situations or finding yourself in the middle of a gun battle, this one's for you. You actually get to test your skills when you try to free a team member who's being held hostage by dangerous terrorists.
  • Rock Star Camp -- You're not too old to be a rock god. If you apply yourself here, you'll come home with an original hit song that you've written and recorded.
  • Hard Hat Adventure Camp -- Spend your time working on a 21-acre construction site, learning to operate three mega-ton earth-moving machines.

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05/31/2011 6:07AM
Summer Camp for Grown Ups?
If you could go to any Adult Summer Camp what would you chose?
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