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Seat belts for PETS?

I am so ready for the weekend- and it’s early! What does that say?
So, as you now, I am a dog lover! Actually, I am an animal lover. Even though I love to hunt and fish, I was brought up where if you kill an animal, it is strictly for food! I still find it difficult to shoot a deer. I love to hunt, I love the lean taste of deer, but I have to admit, they are very beautiful animals!
This brings me to my point for today. I read that in some states, it is against the law to ride in a car or truck with your pet in your lap, while driving! I get that! I totally agree!
But now I hear that some states want to out law pets, (cats/dogs) riding in any car or truck that is not in a cage or in restraints. Seat belt for your dog? It’s kind of funny- I have a life size picture of that!
A 30 pound dog and become a torpedo if your car hits an object ay 40 mph. Is it safe for the dog or cat? Is it safe for you? At what point do we ass citizens draw the line? First it’s cell phone and now pets? What do you think?

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01/25/2011 10:52AM
Seat belts for PETS?
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01/28/2011 3:57PM
outlandish things to do with your pet....
Well first, if it's not safe for us to be without a seat belt, I would say that it is certainly not safe for a smaller animal. However, if they are going to make a law, saying that pets have to be in a restraint of some kind, then they need to work on making more comfortable restraints for them (and I am not an animal owner...just dreaming of a puppy). I also think this applies to children seats. You want a child to sit on their rump in that booster seat for a 4 hour drive, first of all, the people making them and the people passing the laws, need to sit in it first! Also, though I do drive while talking on the phone (guilty!) It has been proven it is not safe, I think it's one of those things that we have let society make us so rushed, that the only time we have to talk to mom is on the way to the grocery store (or whatever). Since I have gotten completely off topic at this point I will add that on the Wii Fit Plus - you can create a profile for your pet! Which makes me giggle; I get the image of a giant mastiff working his biceps on the Wii. Or one of those little dogs doing Yoga. teeheehee. Okay I'm done, thanks for the entertaining blog :)
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