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Happy MONDAY!         My Saints Lost! But they had a good year! The Eagles lost and Green Bay is the big winner! That’s enough about that!
I’m troubled and sad my shooting in Tucson, AZ. Will this bring our country together or will it continue to divide us a country and nation. The political talk, on both sides is very harsh!
I think many will agree, violence is not the way to resolve any situation. This is a very sad day in the country!
On a lighter subject, I saw a picture on line of Britney Spears driving while picking in her nose. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Come on Brit, you know that you’re in the public eye; you know you’re going to get busted!
What are pet peeves you have from other drivers? It is putting on make up, eating while driving, texting, or cell phone or even worst, going slow in the fast lane!
Let me know what you think!
Have a great day! Enjoy the snow; it’ll be falling for a while!

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01/10/2011 3:30PM
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