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Randall's Blog -- Black Friday Crush At Buffalo, NY Target

MANKATO -- So you say you got your 50-inch HD LCD 1080p 3-D TV last Friday for a a buck.

We're happy for ya.

I also think you are insane.

I understand that the vast majority of Black Friday locations go off without a hitch but I'm disappointed with the greed that drove the behavior of many of you last week.

I'd like to say "You know who you are."

But I don't think you do. And I really don't think you care.

Let me take you to a Target store last Friday in Buffalo, New York.

You know the scene. It's 4 a.m. It's cold. A mass of humanity standing outside for hours waiting for that bargin they just can't do without.

The doors open.


And it's on video.

As a side note, what store in their right mind allows a television crew inside the store to videotape the mad rush. It's like Willie Nelson inviting a camera crew to videotape a Louisiana traffic stop. You just know a joint is going to be found on the tour bus. But that's another story.

The video is below.

Watch yourselves.

I heard a story Monday from a Mankato retail employee talking about people stealing items from other people's carts.

My mother, who was in managment at an area discount retailer for decades, talked about the suicide mission of just trying to get in the store, being verbally attacked by those in line, fearful she was trying to cut the line.

"I'm an employee...let me in the store."

What is wrong with people.

So watch the video from WIVB Channel 4 and ask yourself if it was worth it.

Somehow I knew you'd say 'Yes'.

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11/30/2010 12:47PM
Randall's Blog -- Black Friday Crush At Buffalo, NY Target
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