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Matt from Waseca angry at Snowmobile Letter

Bill and Jillian,

A while back you guys were talking about the law in Minnesota that does not allow ATVS on snowmobile trails while in Wisconsin they allow ATVS and snowmobiles to  be on the same trail.  It’s a stupid law that was put into effect by a bunch of whiney snowmobile owners belly aching about their precious smooth trails. 

The reasons they come up with for their defense is beyond stupid like being worried about to many machines on a trail.  What is the difference if there is 9 snowmobiles going one way and 9 fourwheelers going the other way...or 9 snowmobiles going one way and 9 snowmobiles going the other way??? Its still 18 machines on a trail, does it really matter if it has wheels or ski's?   Lawmakers are stupid and cave in to childish people with childish demands.
People who ride snowmobiles think they are above the laws, and that they own the trails and everything on them. Why do they get their own trails just for them?   They boast that snowmobilers do trail clean up and patronized businesses and paid taxes on gear, sleds and fuel while ATVers don’t. Now who contributes to the trails? How many granola bars and waters do hikers/bikers buy?  Why would anyone contribute anything to trails they aren't permitted to use? Like I'm gonna park my quad at the beginning of the trail I can't use...walk down it, pick up trash, fill my gas can and stop for food and then walk back?  How are they supposed to patronize businesses on the trails they aren't allowed on. Everyone who buys fuel, machines and gear pays taxes what gives them the right to have their own trail. 
Snowmobilers are stuck up.   Its like the guys on Goldwings when I pass them on my harley. They don't wave. Because they have a specific machine for one specific purpose and think they are above everyone else. Crotch rockets, dual sport bikes, metrics and beater bikes...they all wave.  Minnesota lawmakers need to spare us ATV’ers this kind of Bullcrap and have a trail available for both ATVers and Snowmobilers.

Matt from Waseca

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02/08/2011 9:21AM
Matt from Waseca angry at Snowmobile Letter
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