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Mark Porisch's Hot Sauce


Yum! This is Bill's favorite food, sardines with crackers and hot sauce. 

Bill and Mark enjoying sardines and crackers with Luck's Honey Mustard Fire Roasted Jalapeno and garlic sauce.

Jillian after eating sardines and crackers.........she really enjoyed it!

Bill after eating the Lucky's habanero and garlic sauce.

Jillian loving the hot sauce.

Bill, Mark Porisch and Jillian in the studio. 

Find out how Mark Porisch turned a hot pepper from his garden into a booming sauce business!!

                                CLICK HERE TO READ HIS STORY

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01/20/2011 9:01AM
Mark Porisch's Hot Sauce
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01/20/2011 9:32AM
Bill and Jillian, Thanks again. But Radio makes me look 20 lbs heavier!!!
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