Make Someone's Monday

We all have the person in our lives who, for whatever reason, touched us...influenced us..and changed us.  Maybe that someone is going through a tough time in their life and you want to lift their spirits and encourage them. 
Maybe they could use new tires for their car, or some extra help with groceries this month, even a nice evening out.  George and Jess want to help you make someone's Monday!
If you know somone going through a tough time who needs something right now, tell us about their situation and what they need.  Email:  Based on your nominations, we'll chose someone each week and 'Make Their Monday'.  

In your email please include your name and telephone number!
(emails that fail to include proper contact information will not be considered).


Based on your nominations, each week we 'Make Someone's Monday' here are the Monday's so far
Monday, July 14th
Monday, June 30th
Monday, June 23rd
Monday, June 16th
Monday, June 9th
Monday, June 2nd
Monday, May 19th
Monday, May 12th
Monday, May 5th
Monday, April 28th