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Lingerie Football heading to Sunday afternoons?

NFL has extended the collective bargaining agreement talks for another week.  If there is a lock out this fall officials for the Lingerie Football League are eager to cash in on the opportunity by airing their games on Sunday afternoons on Fox Sports.  The LFL, a seven-on-seven league played by scantily-clad women, has expanded with three more franchises for its third season -- the Las Vegas Sin, Cleveland Crush and Green Bay Chill. 
These women literally play tackle football in underwear, kneepads, and shoulder pads.  This is an embarassment to football and women.  If there is going to be a women's football league - great!  BUT, why in a million years would they play in lingerie?! 

What are your thoughts on the LFL airing on FOX Sports this fall?

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03/07/2011 6:45AM
Lingerie Football heading to Sunday afternoons?
What are your thoughts on airing LFL on Fox this fall?
03/07/2011 9:11AM
LFL on Fox
I would have to very desperate for something to watch on TV to watch LFL.
03/07/2011 5:51PM
LFL on Fox
All of us need to start watching a real man's sport RUGBY. Direct tv is showing Superrugby for free on Fridays and Saterdays. The only catch is this! They only show about two games live. All the other games you have to record. When you try to watchthem, all you get is the direct tv symbol and music. But if you record them they show up on your tv! Weird Huh!Go Sharks!!!
03/07/2011 6:00PM
Forgot to mention the rugby channel is 490.
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