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LOTS O STUFF! Rascal Flatts Concert- The Holidays- Football!

I hope your Christmas was PERFECT!
First off, let me tell you that I think this blog thing is “therapeutic” for me, or at least that what my doctor tells me- I get to let it all out of my system- kind of like a purging- a regurgitation of all those ill thoughts that maybe I can’t say a loud---or if I keep inside- could make me ill or go crazy at a city counsel meeting—(seems referent) You see why I need a doctor, RIGHT?
First off- the holiday- I’m glad its over- I love it- but I also love it to be GONE! I love the after Xmas sales though! Time for Lar dawg to buy what I want!
The Vikings- Back in the day (when ever that was) do you think that the NFL ever canceled a game because of snow or bad weather- We are getting to be a bunch of wussies! COME ON- this is FOOTBALL- get your lil pansy – powered puff tights on the field and hit some bodies and play some football! ( phewww—I’m feeling better)
I saw True Grit over the weekend- Afterwards; I noticed that Matt Damon was in the movie. Either I’m getting old or he is- But I sure did not recognize him! On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best, I give True Grit a 2, not bad- not good, would have been much better if the theatre would have served beer during the show- Just a thought!
I went ride a snow mobile over the holiday- the trails need to be groomed- but talk about very pretty and WOW- am I sore! Was it the mobile I was on or the trail, but do all snow mobiles ride so ruff! It was like riding a bucking bull, and that’s no bull!
Rascal Flatts- Xcel- 1/21- We have tickets to give away on line- Go ahead and register now!
Look out- New Years is coming- and believe it or not- we could get a blizzard for the weekend- that’s the early predictions, but that could change!
PEACE- your thoughts welcome- catch you on the radio today!

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12/27/2010 11:33AM
LOTS O STUFF! Rascal Flatts Concert- The Holidays- Football!
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