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Joel Northrup wrestler letter

A ton of calls This morning on Joel Northrup the wrestler who forfieted his match to a girl.  Got a great letter from Shirley of Mankato.  Read the letter and tell us what you think. 

Bill and Jillian

I heard you guys talking about Joel Northrup the Des Moines wrestler who forfeited his match against
a girl.  As a mom with teenage girls and boys active in competitve sports I'm disappointed with how
Minnesota and Iowa have ruined high school sports by putting athletes in uncomfortable positions. 

In the name of gender equality gone insane and political correctness Minnesota and Iowa has thrown any
shred of common sense down the toilet.  Girls have no business wrestling boys.  Period.  We don't
allow boys on girls volleyball or softball teams, so why should girls be allowed to wrestle or
play football at the High school varsity level?  Sometimes in life the answer is NO.  We may not
like it, but we shouldn't always expect to have things our way.  I applaud Joel Northrup for
forfieting and refusing to wrestle a girl, but I'm disappointed in Iowa for putting him in a position
where he has to make this decision.  

Shirley Mankato

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02/22/2011 10:52AM
Joel Northrup wrestler letter
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