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Is it about principal or doing the right thing?

An Iowa high school wrestler who became the first girl to win a state tournament match when her opponent refused to face her was eliminated from contention after losing both her matches Friday.

Cedar Falls freshman Cassy Herkelman said Friday that she believes Joel Northrup was entitled to default on their Thursday match because he believes boys should not wrestle girls because it's a combat sport.

I am amazed at how some adults are so harsh in their opinions of Joel. He is getting a lot of support but he is also getting a lot of negative comments. I sure admire Joel for his statement- He was very gracious in his words to the judges.

Search face book- Joel Northrup and you will see many or in support- but also many folks are very harsh with their words towards this high school student.

What are your thoughts? Was he right?

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02/18/2011 3:43PM
Is it about principal or doing the right thing?
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02/18/2011 3:59PM
Joel made the right choice(for him)
I think Joel made the best choice for him. Growing up young men are taught to treat women with respect and to never lay a hand on them. Wrestling is a physical sport and asking him to go out and throw a girl around goes against how most young men are raised. I am all for girls competing in any sport they choose, however boys and girls should not have to wrestle one another. As and ex-high school and college wrestler I never had to make that decision and im not sure what I would have done. I trained very hard to make the state tournament so I think I may have wrestled a girl in that situation but during the regular season I would have most likely chose not to wrestle. Its a situation im glad I was never put in and I hope they fix the rules so that wrestlers in the future are not put in a position to make that choice.
02/25/2011 4:47PM
When will girls be happy to be girls?
I too, admire Joel and his decision. What I wish is that girls were happy to do things that girls have aptitude for, and that those activities carried as much recognition and praise as the activities that boys pursue. Know what I mean?
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