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HGTV, anyone?

My husband and I are moving into our new house on Friday and I've spent (several) hours choosing colors and decor.  I was simply expaining to George that a gray and purple living room would be lovely and he has expressed concern that I may be color blind as has my husband.  Am I color blind or is this beautiful?!

Then we got on the topic of TVs and how many you should have... I would prefer one TV - in the basement.  George thinks there should be one in EVERY room!  Help us sort this out!  How many TVs are too many?

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07/11/2011 7:38AM
HGTV, anyone?
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07/11/2011 10:25AM
Gorgeous in the right house
Its not like you are going to paint the walls viking purple! Walls that are a touch of gray with drk charcoal curtains and light lavender sheers would be perfect. Then you can accent with blacks, silvers, various shades of purple. Would be a very gorgeous and elegant room! Thats why George doesn't understand - b/c its elegant and not boring or sports oriented! I did paint a girls bedroom lavender (3 walls) and one wall dk purple, and white trim, rainbow colored curtains - it was wonderful and definitely worked. Plus we had fun with the dk purple wall and painted various items on it with glow in dark paint. Everybody needs some color in their house instead of white or cream boring walls.
07/11/2011 10:50AM
1 tv and the photo is beautiful
One tv is appropriate for a house. Some don't have the space for a family room and living room so it's one or the other. A family room should not have a television as it is a FAMILY room and should be spent with family and friends. As for a living room, a tv would be appropriate in this space as it is a place to hang-out. Jess if you are going to have the space put the tv in the basement in the living room! A tv also should not be in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. A kitchen is for eating and family social time not etertainment from a television. A bathrooom is for private use and contains bacteria from many sources and time spent in there should be minimal. and if went into the bathroom watching a football game and started yelling at the television someone might call help for you. A bedroom is for you and your spouse to reconnect after a day and have spouse/couple time that you may not get through the busy hours of the day. As for the purple walls, the photo is beautiful. George, are you just jealous because you didn't think of it first? Or maybe it's Jess' way of keeping you away! :) I'm only kidding.
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