Posted: Tuesday, 03 December 2013 6:18AM

Gas Prices Back Up; Projected to Drop in Late Decemeber

MANKATO (TEC News), December 3 – Predictions for December were released by AAA recently about fuel prices. Reports about refinery issues throw prices back to where they were, above the three-dollar mark, in early November. Prices hit as low as $2.99 per gallon in Mankato with a National average of about $3.20. AAA sends positive news to drivers that by the end of the year, prices could drop about 10 to 15 cents per gallon. More information can be found at
One in Ten U.S. Stations Selling Gas for Less than $3 per Gallon
  • Approximately one-in-ten U.S. gas stations are charging less than $3 per gallon today, while drivers can find a station selling gas below that price in 35 states. This is significantly less than at the middle of November when one in four stations were selling gas below $3 per gallon.
  • Today’s national average of $3.27 per gallon is 12 cents per gallon cheaper than a year ago and is the cheapest for this day since 2010. The most common price at U.S. stations today is $3.099 per gallon.
  • Drivers in two states are paying an average less than $3 per gallon including Missouri and Oklahoma. Averages in six additional states are within a dime of $3 per gallon and could drop below that price by the end of the year.
  • The five states with the highest average prices today include: Hawaii ($3.93), Alaska ($3.65), Connecticut ($3.64), New York ($3.64) and California ($3.58). The five states with the lowest average prices include: Missouri ($2.94), Oklahoma ($2.97), Kansas ($3.00), Montana ($3.04) and New Mexico ($3.06).