Fifth Annual Big Buck Contest
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First Archery Buck
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This year my husband said I had to start sitting in the stand alone. I had been out a few nights and saw deer but none were close enough. We went out that afternoon (Oct 7th), he went to his stand and I to mine. I thought that night would be my first night not to see anything. Just then, I had an 8 pointer trot in. My heart started racing, I stood up and pulled back. He was too fast so I sat back down. Not a minute later, this 11 pointer walked in, even closer than the 8. I pulled back and he gave me the perfect shot!! I shot, he jumped like a bucking bronco and ran not too far into the woods. I quickly squatted down in the stand to watch where he’d gone in. When my husband came, I told him I shot one... my very first buck! I showed him where he entered the woods, we went in and there he was!!! I couldn't stop jumping up and down!! Needless to say, I’m not sure who was more proud. :)

Stephanie's 1st Buck

Jason Fenger

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Big Ruttin' 11 pointer


10 point buck

Bruce, Buck n Boys

Brutis \" monster 10 pointer\"


10 point buck

Corey's 10 point

First Archery Buck

My Monster!!!!

Buck feaver

Velvet Buck

Girls can shoot big bucks, too!

Pauls 10 pt

31 pointer

2012 buck

Long Time Coming

halloween buck

Legends Of The Fall


21 point buck

We called him Blockhead

Greens perfect 10

Dans Buck

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Milford Monster

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10 pointer

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Heavy set 11 point

13 point

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First Big Buck

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Deer Hunting 2012

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Passing Pays Off

Brent and Karter Haala- Chacolate Buck

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First \"Big Buck\"


A Big Buck Sent From Dad

Swamp Donkey!

Buck 2012

14 point buck

Brad 2012 Deer

Larrys 10 point 180 lb buck

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Monster 8 pointer

deer 2012

Granny of 8 can still shoot straight!!

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10 pointer

Got Whitey

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Perfect 10

Bow Buck

Tall 10 Pointer