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RANDALL'S BLOG -- Second Thoughts On Dipping My Toes In The Ocean

MANKATO -- I'm a swimmer. Been jumping in the deep end of the pool since I was a toddler. I blame the year 1975 for my discomfort in wading into the Pacific Ocean in two weeks when I head to Los Cabos, Mexico. "Don't go in the water" is what the movie poster said. Damn you Peter Benchley. I was just ten years old when I read your book and saw the movie Jaws. Well, I had given in and agreed to at least give the ocean a shot. Then came today. At the daily media briefing by Mankato police, a long absent detective emerged and disclosed he was vacationing with family in Cancun. "Cool, I'm going to Mexico in a little over a week," this reporter disclosed. "We had a shark attack on our beach," said the detective. Sure enough. I Googled and plenty of shark attack stories Googled back. Stories of the Canadian nurse, who went into the ocean to cool off after a game of beach volleyball. Dozens of stories of whistles....and pictures...missing chunks of flesh...finding flesh floating in the salty water. She's alive and a story to tell. My story will be told from the pool and the beach. Wading in the ocean will likely be a game time decision.

So, I ask you? To steal a line from the Zac Brown Band song

Should put my "toes it the water" or keep my "a** in the sand."

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02/24/2011 10:58AM
RANDALL'S BLOG -- Second Thoughts On Dipping My Toes In The Ocean
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