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Making A First Impression In Court Appears An Afterthought

MANKATO -- Over the course of a year I'll sit through hundrends of court hearings. For many of them I'm just a casual observer as you often have to sit through a handful or more of defendants before the person of interest takes his or her turn in front of the judge. In addition, I make at minimum a daily visit to the Blue Earth County Justice Center on my beat and I walk through the waiting area full of people waiting for their hearing. And I have to ask you....What are you thinking? Would kill you to put on a nice shirt and slacks to appear before the judge? I am amazed at what some people wear when then come to court. I guess first impressions are lost on alot of people. I've seen sweatpants. Grease-stained shirts. Torn jeans and beer company t-shirts. Most look more like they are heading to Old Country Buffet than a legal proceeding. So the next time you come to court for your third Driving After Revocation charge or your Minor Consumption Charge, hit the closet and put on something nice. Or at a minimum...clean. It's just a lack of respect to the court. Which is probably why you are in court in the first place.

02/16/2011 1:05PM
Making A First Impression In Court Appears An Afterthought
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