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Do you know your American HIstory?

Sarah Palin recently flubbed some basic facts on US History when asked 'who is Paul Revere?' she said he warned the British.  Of course her warned the American's that the British were coming. 

2,500 Americans were given an Intercollegiate Studies Institute quiz about basic facts of US History.  71% of those surveyed failed the quiz with 49% correct.  

Here's the story and a link to the quiz:

How do you measure up?

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06/06/2011 7:20AM
Do you know your American HIstory?
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06/06/2011 8:54AM
75.76% !
25 out of 33. Should've gotten another 4 correct if I would've been more patient.
06/07/2011 7:06PM
51.5% but should have been higher!
I had four correct answers checked and I second guessed myself and changed them at the last second. I would have had a 63.6% had I not changed those answers...should have learned in high school to go with your first choice!
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